We want to thank all of our great customers and we are very excited about 2023. Our balikbayan box service continues to grow, we are adding vehicles to pick up even more boxes and we will have exciting news soon about a major expansion in our business. 


We are grateful to be the most trusted company for your balikbayan box shipments and look forward to serving you in 2023.


Philippines Box Company


Call Ana Mae to schedule your balikbayan box drop off or pick up at 813-947-8253

It’s Christmas balikbayan box time!!!

Every year we love picking up and sending your balikbayan boxes to families and charities in the Philippines. We feel like Santa’s helpers. It takes time for these boxes to reach the Philippines so now is the time to ship so your boxes arrive on time. Contact Us right away to schedule your empty balikbayan box drop-off or full box pick-up. We still have the best prices and fastest service in Southwest Florida and look forward to serving you this holiday season. 


We are having another amazing month picking up your balikbayan boxes. Thank you for your trust and loyalty. We are often asked how long the box will take to get to its destination. Unfortunately, the world of shipping still seems to be moving slowly. I do not fully understand why, but no matter what anyone says, the average time to send a box is closer to four months now. In the past it was 90 days but not anymore. Hopefully this will change back soon. We have boxes going to our own family and they are waiting as well. 

Costs are another very unfortunate part of the world today. Everyone in our industry who we work with to get your box to the Philipines has raised their prices so now we must as well in order to continue to serve you. Our price for a balikbayan box is a total of $115.00. This still includes the empty box delivered to your door and the full box pickup. With current gas prices, you can understand the costs we have.

We are still the least expensive balikbayan box company in Southwest Florida and the most reliable. We appreciate all of you and look forward to continuing to serve your balikbayan box needs. Please Contact Us with any questions.


balikbayan box delivery Philippines Box Delivery

Thank you to all of our new and loyal customers in February for allowing us to ship over four dozen balikbayan boxes to the Philippines from Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties in Florida. We are so happy to be of service to you and to have earned your trust. Special thanks go out again to Michael Nolan at Florida Luxury Broker Realty for his tireless help and strong back helping load our precious cargo. You can click on the link to his website here.

We look forward to shipping even more balikbayan boxes in March so call or message us from our website anytime to request your new box delivery or full box pickup. We are a Filipina owned service as is our outstanding shipping partner in Tampa, International Package Shipping. When it comes to your balikbayan boxes, we treat each one as if we were shipping to our own family. We know you will be happy with our work and look forward to hearing from you.

We would like to thank our partner at Florida Luxury Broker Realty for your support. Florida Luxury Broker Realty offers discounted commissions for home sales that save us all thousands of dollars. Even with their very fair fees, they still offer 100% of Realtor services. They are a real, local company just providing a better service at a much better price. Give them a call if you are selling your property in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Sanibel and the Islands.